Air Ambulance Insurance Coverage

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Insurance Coverage

It can be difficult to decipher what your insurance covers. Our team at Victory works closely with case managers and insurance companies to make sure that our medical transportation services run smoothly. Our team will preauthorize your medical flight and let you know what is covered before your medical transport. With our assistance, we will help reduce frustrations with dealing with insurance companies. Medical flight insurance coverage is simplified with the help of Victory EMS.

How It Works:

We will request the contact information of the patient’s current facility case worker. Then our billing team will receive information from them including insurance information, medical records, and the needs of the patient during the flight. Typical insurance preauthorizations will take three days for approval for non-emergent transports.

Victory is in a network with several medical flight insurance companies. However, we work closely with all insurance companies and can work with them to make sure your flight is covered. This provides confidence in air ambulance insurance coverage for those in need.

*Companion flights are not normally covered by insurance companies.

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