Case Managers

Learn more about how case managers can get care for their patients

Air Ambulance Case Managers

When it comes to case managers finding patient air ambulances, Victory EMS understands the value of time and speed. Our team will work with you to assure your patient is preauthorized prior to transport. We work closely with insurance companies and will get the transport preauthorized leaving more time for you to focus on your day-to-day tasks.

In order to expedite the preauthorization process, please send the following air ambulance insurance information via secure email or fax 1-208-286-4218 ATTN: Air Medical Team:

  • A factsheet with insurance information

  • Type of transport requested

  • Sending and receiving facility information

  • Medical records

  • Reason for transport (example: higher-level care, surgical interventions, closer to home)

  • Any medical interventions during transport.

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