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Emergency medical transportation in Florida is no easy feat. Florida contains some of the most highly trafficked systems of interstates in the US, and traveling by ambulance can be quite dangerous. Victory Medical is the premier medical transportation company in Florida and we are dedicated to providing excellent patient care across the US. with top-of-the-line emergency air transport. If you or a loved one need medical transport, call us today!

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What is EMS Air Transport?

EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services and EMS Air Transport provides a service to safely transport patients door to door. Victory Medical Transportation will ensure that a licensed emergency medical technician is with you or your loved one the entire journey. This means that we can transport someone from home to a hospital, from hospital bed to hospital bed, or from their hospital room to their bedroom. EMS Air Transport provides a safe and reliable service for those in need of fast medical transport.

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Florida Medical Air Transport

While Florida is a beautiful state, it is also very far from the rest of the US. When emergency medical needs arise, you shouldn’t have to make the call to drive up to seven hours just to get to the next state. Using high-speed emergency medical air transport, you can get to your destination hospital with ease.

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Non-emergency Companion Flights

At Victory Medical, we understand that sometimes a medical condition does not require private transportation, but you may still be looking for some additional peace of mind while traveling. Our non-emergency medical travel companions offer just that - we provide a licensed EMT to accompany you on your commercial flight, so you can get to your destination with confidence.

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Victory Medical Transportation services every state except Hawaii, so you can rest assured that your emergency medical transportation in Florida will be a seamless process to get to any other location. Whether you need private air transport or a companion flight, you can easily schedule a pickup today.

At Victory Medical Transportation, we have a history of satisfied clients. You’ve been through a lot; let us take care of the rest. Talk to a specialist and get a quote for your medical transportation in Florida today!

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